On-Site Ice ...The Ice Supplier

History of Ice

The Next time you buy ice at the convenience store, you might want to swab the bag for DNA. Just think about the journey it makes from the ice plant to your drink------it's pumped out by a machine, then bagged, loaded onto a truck, handled by a delivery person, rearranged by convenience-store clerks and pawed by customers. Its always solid as a rock and who knows how long it's been sitting around? Moreover, traditional freezer boxes placed outside of stores are subject to theft of bagged ice when not under lock and key.

The Future of Ice

There is a shift happening in the bagged ice market that involves ice being manufactured at the point of sale.  On-site Ice is at the forefront of Ice Vending innovation and solutions with units that can manufacture fresh, filtered, loose ice for less than the cost of traditional wholesale ice suppliers.

On-Site Ice

In our competive environment, consumers and retailers demand better priced, higher quality ice.  Retailers have the opportunity to partner with a leader in the industry, utilizing a machine that is high capacity, compact, simple and reliable.   Moreover, we have the resources and infrastructure to fully support the markets we serve.


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