Becoming an owner is a simple process.

On-Site Ice is a distributor of The Ice Depot vending machine.   There are no territories to purchase, no franchise fees/percentages of gross profits or no long term maintenance programs.   We do have a great warranty, excellent support, and the sturdiest and simple to maintain ice vending machine in the USA.

Whether you currently sell ice and want to increase your profit margins, or if you just want your piece of the $4billion dollar packaged ice industry, On-Site Ice can help set you up for success.

Steps to Ownership

Step 1: Consultation

Call us for a no hassle, no hype consultation about the ice & water vending business.

Step 2: Choose a Model

Using the data that both you and On-site Ice collect, we will help you choose a model that's right for you and put an implementation plan in place.  

Step 3: Site Preparation

Installation and preparation documents are provided for contractors. On Site Ice staff is available for consultation.

Step 4:

Storefront models are shipped direct via a commercial freight to be installed by you or a local firm. Freestanding models are delivered by direct carrier or On-Site Ice, and installed by our professionals.

Download Brochures

Ice Depot Spec Sheet (pdf)


Ice Depot Sales Flyer (pdf)